"With Maldini we are going forward together"

“With Maldini we are going forward together”

RedBird founder and director Gerry Cardinale has addressed the media for the first time since the takeover of AC Milan was made official.

Speaking to the press on Wednesday afternoon (relayed by Milan Eye and Semper Milan.it), Cardinale kicked off by putting an end to any speculation around the future of technical director Paolo Maldini.

The former defender’s contract is up at the end of June but it seems RedBird will be keeping him and talks will intensify for the extension very soon.

“With Maldini, we are going forward together,” he said.

Cardinale also made it clear from the off that he is not just there to guarantee financial stability for Milan, saying: “I don’t like losing, I want to win.”

He also apologized for the fact that he does not speak Italian yet and was quick to congratulate those involved in the Serie A title win last season.

“I apologize for not speaking Italian, I am ashamed since I have Italian origins. I congratulate Elliott, Paolo [Maldini] and Ivan [Gazidis] for what has been achieved last season and last weekend.

“I invested in sports for 25 years but what was achieved last weekend was truly incredible.”

Visiting the Milan museum

“We visited the Milan Museum this morning and saw how much this club has done and how many successes have been achieved.

“We have the role of managers of what has been built so far. We must do it with humility and recognizing teamwork and group that we have reached together.”

Building for the future

“When I started in the world of sports it was different: today there are many interests involved, business and capital, there is a different commitment but always with the same feeling and determination to win.

“The future will have to be built on the successes achieved so far with determination and the will to win.”

Relationship with the fans

“Last weekend I experienced it all [the title celebrations] with a fan’s soul by participating in the festivities: it was an extraordinary spectacle.

“I lived through the spectacle of the World Series, of the NBA Super Bowl, but nothing gave me the enthusiasm, the excitement that I felt that Sunday.

“The relationship with the fans is very special: we must give them back everything they give us with their passion and enthusiasm. I hope that the show experienced on Sunday can be relived many more times with our fans.

“I started my Italian lessons and the first words I learned are: Forza Milan!”

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