What is a Type C charger or Type C cable?

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Today, mobile phones are one of the most important commodities in people’s lives. The phone battery is one of the most important things in a mobile phone that shows the performance of the phone the most. For this reason, the charger will be very important, and at the same time, some devices use Type C chargers.

Battery and charger are two very important products and at the same time, using an unsuitable charger can cause the battery to fail sooner and you have to replace the battery. We’ll talk more about this in the future, so stay tuned until the end.

What is a Type C cable?

To understand a Type C charger well, you must first know what a regular charger is and what it does. In fact, the early models were known as Type A wires, which were only capable of transmitting electricity to the battery. Common chargers on the market are of this type.

One of the main features of this model of chargers is one side. In fact, this type of charger was only able to charge the phone on one side, and the process of transferring electricity to the battery was slow.

With global developments and the importance of fast data transmission and fast charging for mobile phones, innovators around the world have thought of discovering a new charging cable that can be used to do things faster. In 2014 for the first time from a USB cable, Type C charger was born. In this way, the data transmission speed increased greatly and people needed less time to charge the phone.

Of course, it should be noted that this charger was mass-produced in 2017. Before that, the production process was based on a laboratory. Today, you can use this model of chargers for all kinds of phones, tablets, and even personal computers.

Samsung Type C Fast Charging Cable

Since the advent of this technology, Samsung has tried to update its mobile phones to accept this technology. So, buying the original charger has become a difficult task. In the following, we will tell you useful information about the various parts such as the main structure of this cord, its advantages and how to purchase it.

Type C charger wire body.

The Type C charger cable has seen some interesting physical changes. The first and most important difference is that his contact area has been reduced by about 60%. Also unlike regular models, you need to find the right side. You can charge from both sides.

One of the most important features of the Type-C charger cable is that it has become universal. You may need different cables for your different digital goods, while Type-C manufacturers are looking to make this cable a more versatile cable.

Data transfer and charging

The next topic that has been very effective in the structure of the Type C charger cord is the issue of data transmission. The main reason for the production of Type C shipping was to increase the speed of transmission. But how much faster is this? In fact, the transmission speed is about 100 watts. It is six times more than normal models. In this way, the charging time is reduced by 70%.

One of the attractive points of this Type C charger cord is that you can connect this charger model with quick charge adapters. There is a great compatibility between these two products and you will not have to worry about this. Also, the next important point is that the data transfer speed in this model is about 4 times faster than that of normal models.

If you find it very difficult to free up your phone memory on your laptop, you can forget about this problem. Any transfer will be done in the shortest time using this cable. Thunderbolt 3 brings this feature to you.

Type C charger cord advantages.

Buying an original Samsung charging cable will give you many benefits. Having these positive features has led companies, especially Samsung, to change and equip their mobile phone sockets with this technology. These will be as follows.


With Type C charger, the speed of transferring and charging the phone has increased greatly. It is also much easier to directly connect electronic devices such as tablets and mobile phones to the computer to transfer information.


You no longer need to turn the socket left and right to make the connection. In this way, you can connect the Type C charger to the phone from any side you like.


The next important factor is to reduce wasted time. This way, you won’t waste extra time on things like charging your phone. Also, today the telephone is a strategic product that is very much in demand in the day to day operation. Therefore, its activity and availability are important.


Unlike in the past when normal chargers were different for each phone, the Type C charger has the same port on all phones. Also, this cable can be connected to normal and quick charge adapters and work without issues.

     Versatile use:

This product can be used in place of a headphone cord or even an HDMI cable.


Type C charger cord design fits in the smallest of spaces and takes up the least amount of space.

     Battery protection:

Battery life charged with this wire is much longer than models charged with a regular charger. Also, the charger cord will last longer.

Buy a Type C charger cord.

As we said, there are many fake and original items on the market. Therefore, you must be able to distinguish the original chargers from the fake ones from each other. You can pay attention to several points for an easy purchase.


In the Type C charger, the part that connects to the phone has become very small. Also, it will not make any difference when charging from which side and the phone will be charged. In terms of dimensions, this wire has become thinner and has high elasticity. Its coating is not dry and hard. The weight of the wire is relatively low and the standard length is about 1 meter. Of course, there are also larger ones.


The next point about the Type C charger is that the charging speed will be high. Even if you use a regular adapter, it should still charge your phone faster. The ability to transmit information is much higher than other models. Also, the probability of interruption during file transfer will be zero.


Type C chargers are more expensive than regular models. If you find the Type-C cable cheaper than the regular models, feel free to buy it. It is likely to be fake.

Check prices and types of Type C charger models.

How much you pay to buy a Type C charger depends on various factors. But overall, this charger model is more expensive than regular cables. The main reason for it can be considered the technology used in it, the quality of the equipment used. Of course, some people go for cheap Type-C cases.

You may have bought a Type C charger cable, but know that this cheapness is not without reason. The low quality of the wires used in them and the failure to transmit electricity and data properly are among the problems of these cables. Over time, this charger model will damage your phone, tablet, and other electronic devices. In this way, you have to pay more to fix this problem. Also, the battery life has been significantly reduced.

Type C charger cables.

It is true that Type C charger is mostly used for mobile phones, but not only for mobile phones. You can use this product for other types of electronic devices. The categories of charging cables are:

  •      phone charger
  •      Tablet charger cable
  •      Power bank charger

Of course, some samples of Type C charger cables for laptops have also been produced, but they are still in the experimental stages. As I said, the Type C port is the same on all mobile phones, and you don’t have to worry about the charger cord. Of course the adapter is something that must be purchased depending on the phone.


In this article, we have tried to provide you with comprehensive information about the Type C charger. You can buy this SIM card from Phoner website. In addition to increasing battery life, this cord can also help you manage your time. Buy quality products at an affordable price on this site.

Don’t worry about the time you spend transferring data. With support for USB 3 technology, this product has been able to greatly reduce data transfer time.

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