Investigate the causes that reduce laptop battery life

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Laptop battery failure is one of the worrying problems that will come to you very soon if you are not nice to your laptop. Usually, very simple and mundane things that we don’t think there is anything wrong with, end up reducing your laptop’s battery life. We have mentioned some of these errors in the following article.

The main reasons for reducing laptop battery life

Here we teach you how to take care of your laptop. If you are among the people who just bought a laptop and you don’t know how to take care of your laptop, you must know that laptops are very delicate and delicate.

So if you don’t take proper care of them, they may not last long. If your laptop doesn’t have an SSD, be very careful when porting.

Mechanical hard drives are damaged during excessive activity and shock.

1. Pets

A cat sitting on a laptop might make a great photo for your Instagram page, but discourage it. Cats are attracted to the heat of the system, but their hair will enter the system fan and eventually cause it to overheat. vandalism.

2. Move the laptop

If your laptop does not have an SSD, be very careful when moving. Mechanical hard drives are subject to damage during excessive activity and vibration, as they contain moving parts that break easily, and as a result, all information can be lost. You got lost.

3. Cable piling

You might think cables are harmless creatures and nothing bad happens to them, cables can twist, twist, wrap around anything. Do not bend sharp edges. When connecting the cable, do not push or pull it, this will eventually lead to charging problems.

4. Connect your laptop to the charger 24/7

Technically, you can’t overcharge a lithium-ion battery in a laptop, but the microcontroller that prevents the battery from overcharging can be damaged. Plugging it in without a charger at all, on the other hand, will heat up the battery.

5. The laptop door was opened incorrectly

You can’t open a laptop door just by pressing on its screen. The laptop screen is the most fragile part of the device. If you press on it from the corner, this part of the door will slowly bend. Open and close the laptop door slowly and open it from the middle.

6. No cold pad

Laptops outperform desktop systems in terms of ease of use, portability, and convenience.

But keeping him so close to you may not be a very good idea. Lint from clothes, blankets, etc. may prevent the laptop from being ventilated and overheat the battery. Use a cooling pad.

7. Magnets

Each hard disk contains magnets to store data. When you place your laptop near strong magnets, it may cause magnetic disturbances and data loss, so make sure that strong magnets are not near your device.

8. Wrong disassembly of the charger

Even if you are in a hurry, be careful. Handling the charging cable when detached from the laptop can damage both sides and cause charging problems.

9. Not using the cap

It is essential to use a laptop sleeve or bag without sharp edges to carry it around. If you carry your laptop in a bag with other devices, you can easily endanger its internal mechanism.

10. Cleaning the wrong way

We all know that we can’t use water and cloth to clean the laptop screen, use microfiber cloth and laptop cleaners and don’t press too much on the screen, because it is very thin and fragile.

11. Continue to turn on the laptop

If you don’t use the laptop during the day, don’t keep it, continuous work will destroy the hard disk and damage the cooling system. If you use it several times during the day, put it to sleep.

12. Fluids

Do you have a habit of drinking tea while working with your laptop? There is no good relationship between a laptop and liquids, a hot drink, even if not a drop of it is spilled, can damage the laptop, and if the laptop is closed, do not put a hot glass on it, it will damage the screen. To be

13. Self-medication

Although laptops are highly manageable tools, we shouldn’t try to solve serious problems ourselves. Avoid buying USB devices that are advertised to solve hardware and software problems for laptops in the market.

As there are capacitors inside these USB devices that get charged as soon as they are connected to the laptop and in an instant, all the power enters into your hard drive and causes serious damage.By avoiding the above things, your laptop will definitely have a longer life..but if you see the following signs In your laptop, then know that your laptop has a serious problem.

The hard drive is running too noisy or too slowly, the laptop freezes when doing simple tasks like writing, or it runs slower than before, the fan suddenly makes a loud noise.

Why should we care about the laptop?

Laptops are a good alternative to desktop computers and do most of their work, but the main difference between them and desktop computers is their resistance in different conditions.

Therefore, you should always pay attention to the fact that no matter how resistant your laptop is to conditions, you still have to do some things to maintain the health of your laptop, because laptops need to be taken care of according to their characteristics, and we will mention them below.

Of course, it is also worth noting that today, with the advancement of various devices, they do most of the things we once had to do to maintain and maintain our laptops. For example, it used to be necessary when the screen has been on for a long time, it is on and not in use, you have to use a screensaver, otherwise the screen will be damaged, but now if the screen stays on for hours and days without any change or movement, you will not have any problems and will continue to work .

It is worth noting that although things are gradually becoming automatic, humans are still the ones who speak first and play the main role. There are many things that will not find meaning without the existence of man and will not be achieved without the presence of man.

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