Introducing wired and wireless headphones for sports and running + the 10 best models

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Listening to music while running and doing sports is one of the most enjoyable things you can do. But for this you need a good headset that will not disturb you when using it. But what features should sports headphones have? In this article, we will tell you the characteristics of a good sports headphone and introduce you to the best headphones suitable for running. So stay with Foner for the rest of the article.

In general, headphones suitable for sports should fit well in the ear and not fall to the ground while moving. Also, the ability to resist sweating is also important. But the features of these products are not limited to these. Obviously, people who intend to use headphones expect to receive high-quality sound and want to be able to control their music-playing product as easily as possible. In this article, we have made a list for you, each of which can be considered the best headphones for sports. However, the final choice is yours and you should consider your personal taste and budget. Some of these products have the ability to remove noise (noise canceling) and others do not, which you should also keep in mind.

Headphone suitable for sports Well, it stays firmly in the ear while running, jumping and performing quick movements, and people should not have to constantly touch it and fix it in the ear. If the product forces the audience to move constantly, it will lose the sense of exercise and it will be really annoying. Like we said, it’s also important to be sweat-resistant, because you’ll sweat while working out, and headphones that don’t have this feature are in a situation where they can get damaged. If you spend a lot of time running and keep doing it in the hot summer days, you should choose a product with such a feature. Song control is also very important and allows you to manage the music playback or change the music without the slightest disturbance to the exercises.

Since there are many items that can be included in the list of headphones suitable for running and sports, and this can confuse buyers, we decided to help you in this article. So if you want to get great headphones for exercising, don’t miss the rest of this article.

We offer you the best headphones for sports and running

In the next section, we have provided you with a list of the best headphones for sports and running, and we will go on to review each of these models.

  •      OpenRun Pro shock headphones
  •      J-Lab Go Air Sport Wireless Headphones
  •      Beats Powerbeats Pro Wireless Headphones
  •      Jaybird X4 headphones
  •      Sennheiser CX Sports Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
  •      Triple driver van moor earphone
  •      Amizfit Powerbuds Pro Bluetooth Headphones
  •      Jabra Sport Elite Wireless Headphones
  •      Trekz Air shock headphones
  •      Adidas FWD-02 Wireless Sports Headphones

Shokz OpenRun Pro prototype headphones

  •      Weight: 29 grams
  •      Heart rate monitor: No
  •      Has the ability to control playback through the product itself
  •      Battery life: 10 hours
  •      Strengths: Comfortable and stable in-ear price
  •      Weaknesses: noticeable vibrations sometimes costly

Shokz (formerly AfterShokz) is one of the largest companies in the production of headphones suitable for running and sports, and the OpenRun Pro can also be considered the best product made by this company. This headphone, which uses new bass transducers, was launched in early 2021. This feature made the product deliver the sound to your ears in the best way possible and let the audience hear the details well. In fact, it can be said with confidence that the Shokz OpenRun Pro headphones are the best headphones for sports and will set you free from anything.

The overall design of this headset is very similar to the original OpenRun model (you may know it as Aeropex) and it is very lightweight. The flexible, titanium strap of this product also helps prevent the headphones from falling out at all while on the move. This product stays firmly on the ears in any condition and will not transfer easily. However, there are some minor changes in this headset compared to the previous generation. For example, the location of the charging port has changed slightly, making it easier to reach, and the volume buttons have also increased. As a result, you can use them more easily when using headphones.

Sometimes the bass sound may sound strange to you, but it never wants to disturb the user. All in all, we have to say that if you are looking to buy suitable headphones for sports, then this product is the right thing that can meet all your needs.

Julep Go Air Sport Wireless Headphones

  •      Weight: 6.2g (each earbud)
  •      Heart rate monitor: No
  •      Has the ability to control playback through the product itself
  •      Battery life: more than 8 hours
  •      Strengths: In-ear confidence and stability Great sound for the price Incredible battery life and volume control
  •      Weaknesses: No ANC microphone capability

It is very rare that earbuds for such a low price offer good quality and good features. But the GullabGo Air Sport wireless headphones have exactly all of these requirements and prove that you don’t always need to spend a lot of money to get a good product. However, we have to mention that this is not the first time that JLab has released an affordable product; But what is beyond doubt is that this company in the Go Air Sport julab has brought the art of affordable headphones to its pinnacle and now users are faced with a really good product.

Make sure that when you use this headphone, you will be surprised by its good quality and attractive features. This product fits more comfortably in the ears than the Beats Fit Pro headphones, which have a much higher price tag. In terms of sound quality, we have to say that although the Go Air Sport julep is not at the level of a product for audiophiles, it brings a good experience to the audience and has good bass. It should be noted that volume control is also easily done in this headset.

Of course, we have to mention that cheap products usually do not have some of the features of high-end models. For example, this sports headphone does not have active noise cancellation. But since this product has so many good features, it is not possible to maneuver around a lot due to the lack of this feature. If you need an affordable product to listen to music while running, then the Jlab Go Air Sport Wireless Headphones will be the best choice for you.

Beats Powerbeats Pro Wireless Headphones

  •      Weight: 20.3 grams
  •      Heart rate monitor: No
  •      Has the ability to control playback through the product itself
  •      Battery life: 9 hours
  •      Strengths: Staying in the ear good and clear sound
  •      Disadvantages: Case size is not very suitable to fit in a pocket Limitations on noise cancellation

The PowerBeats Pro Wireless Headphones, which are one of the latest products from Beats, are a great wireless product that fits comfortably in the ears. The sound quality of this headphone is good and you can listen to music with it while doing sports without stress. Also, since its battery can charge up to 9 hours, you can use it without interruption and not worry about charging it.

These sports headphones are great for running and won’t fall out of your ears at all since they have a long extension at the back. It should be noted that the Beats PowerBeats Pro wireless headphones also use the IPX4 standard, which means that they will be sweat-resistant. Other features of this product include very good charging and excellent sound quality, which makes this speaker an ideal choice.

If you use the PowerBeats Pro in a relatively quiet environment like an office, home, or gym, you’ll get the best possible experience. It’s also a good idea to use the voice command to set the timer or make a call. All in all, if you want to work out a lot of energy, you should definitely use this product.

Jaybird X4 headphones

  •      Weight: 14.7 grams
  •      Heart rate monitor: No
  •      Has the ability to control playback through the product itself
  •      Battery life: 8 hours
  •      Strengths: Attractive design, good build quality, great sound
  •      Weaknesses: Dedicated charging dock, lag buttons

The Jaybird brand, a subsidiary of the large Logitech company, has changed its mid-range headphones this time to provide a better product for users. This model can actually be considered an upgraded version of the Jaybird X2 and Jaybird X3 headphones. One of the most important features of these headphones is that they have an IPX7 standard and are water resistant. Whether you sweat profusely while working out or plan to exercise in the rain, this product will not pose any danger.

The sound quality of the Jaybird X4 headphones is surprisingly good and can easily compete with more expensive models. With its app, you can easily customize the EQ and change as many details as you wish. Along with this product, the manufacturer has also provided you with a variety of strings that you can use to make the headphones more comfortable and stable in your ears. In general, it can be said that this headphone is suitable for sports, and it will be a suitable choice for those who like to listen to music in high quality and continue their exercises without worry in rainy weather.

However, if you want a high-end product, you can opt for the Jaybird Tarah Pro model, which has higher quality sound and higher build quality.

Sennheiser CX Sports Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

  •      Weight: 15 grams
  •      Heart rate monitor: No
  •      Ability to control playback through the product itself: No
  •      Battery life: 6 hours
  •      Strengths: Sport-friendly design and excellent sound quality
  •      Weaknesses: Relatively high price

If you need headphones that will provide you with high-quality sound while running, then this product from Sennheisers is probably the best choice for you. The music playback quality with these headphones is very good, they have good bass and most importantly, they fit your ears very well. If you like energetic music and listen to songs with heavy bass, then the Sennheiser CX Sport Bluetooth Wireless Headphones will probably meet all your expectations.

This headphone lacks heart rate monitoring, but it has other features that can satisfy you. For example, attachments on each side help the headphones fit snugly in your ears and prevent them from falling out while running. As a result, you don’t have to worry about them falling off at all. In addition, the beautiful appearance and attractive design are other features of this convenient running speaker. Sennheiser CX Sport Bluetooth takes about 6 hours to charge, which can meet your daily needs and is useful while doing sports. However, if you are a marathon runner, you’d better go for the other options in this article.

1 Triple driver earphone model

  • Weight: 18 grams
  •      Heart rate monitor: No
  •      Has the ability to control playback through the product itself
  •      Frequency response: 20 to 40 thousand Hz
  •      Strengths: Good design, excellent build quality, good sound quality, value for money to high performance
  •      Weaknesses: Poor quality plastic remote control

1More Model Triple Driver In-Ear Headphone has very good sound quality that you will realize after listening to music once. Also, the main reason for putting it on this list is its price value and high performance. The question on many users’ minds is, what features should sports headphones have? In fact, we gave the answer to this question at the beginning of the article, and we must say that most athletes prefer wireless headphones. However, if you like a wired product, maybe the 1More Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones will become a good choice for you.

In this price range, it’s hard to find a product with better sound quality and build quality than these sport headphones. However, if you want a more luxurious and well-made product, you can choose 1MORE Quad Drivers, which are almost twice the price.

But in this price range, it must be admitted that the sound quality and design of the 1More Triple In-Ear Headphone is excellent and has no major flaws. The only thing that may come to your mind is the poor quality of the remote control. However, it is enough to put these headphones in your ears once for the high-quality sound to grab your attention and not make you miss it. All in all, we have to say that you won’t find a better product than an earphone with a triple driver in this price range.

Amazfit Powerbuds Pro Bluetooth Headphones

  •      Weight: 6.7 grams
  •      Heart rate monitoring: Yes
  •      Has the ability to control playback through the product itself
  •      Battery life: 30 hours
  •      Strengths: Heavy bass for good ANC running | Posture protection technology
  •      Weaknesses: No ear loops, high heart rate reading

With the Amazfit Powerbuds Pro headphones, you will no longer need separate headphones for daily work and exercise. This product works well while running and sports, and allows the user to use it at work or while passing on the street. If you like to listen to music with heavy bass while working out, then this headphone is perfect for you, and the ANC has great performance. As a result, you can safely use it at your workplace, because the noise canceling feature will block out extra sounds very well.

The Amazfit Powerbuds Pro also measures your heart rate during exercise, and if you sync it with the Zepp Healths app, it will show you the results. In addition, results from other Amizfit devices are also shown on this app and you can check them more easily.

When you’re at work, this headset monitors the position of your head in relation to your spine to determine if you’re slouching too much and risking neck or back pain. Of course, the results of these sensors are not perfect and sometimes they show you more heart rate than it really is. The lack of loops that fit around the ear and make the earbuds difficult to fall off is another weakness of the product. But you have to admit that if someone wants a multi-purpose headphones, then the Amazfit Powerbuds Pro would be a great choice for him.

Jabra Sport Elite Wireless Headphones

  •      Weight: 17.9 grams
  •      Heart rate monitoring: Yes
  •      Has the ability to control playback through the product itself
  •      Battery life: 4.5 hours
  •      Strengths: Easy connection Many features
  •      Cons: Charging time is only 4.5 hours. It’s very tight and can be annoying

If you are looking for a good sports headphone that is wireless and offers a lot of features, we suggest you consider the Jabra Sport Elite. Apart from being wireless, which is an important factor for most users, this product also uses Hear Through technology. This technology allows you to manage or filter the surround sound input. You only need to press one key for this. This ability is very important to be alert during exercise.

The Jabra Sport Elite Wireless Headphone Case can charge up to 13.5 hours, but the earphones themselves only hold a charge for 4.5 hours. This amount of charge is enough for 99% of sports, but if you’re a marathon runner, you might want to look at other options. Although Jabra hasn’t gambled too far in using it for swimmers, you should know that this product has an IP67 standard and is water resistant. The headphones also have an app where you can check your heart rate to make sure you’re doing well during your workout. Also, this product can measure the number of squats, lunges and other similar things. The Jabra Sport Elite has a high price tag that can make some users not go for it. Also, heart rate measurement is not entirely accurate and sometimes has a slight difference. But in general, it can be considered an ideal choice for athletes.

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