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Android Box is a practical and very necessary device for old TV users. This device is produced and marketed in different price categories and users can find a suitable option according to their needs. In this article from Phoner, we will mention the best Android boxes available on the market in 2022 and review the method of use, capabilities and costs of this practical product.

What is Android Box?

Android Box is a small device that can be connected to both old and new TVs. As can be seen from the name of these products, the Android box is equipped with the Android operating system. This operating system can give your old TV a new life so that you can use your TV in a smarter way.

Android boxes are available in different models in the Iranian market; So users should be more careful in choosing the Android box. Inexpensive Android boxes can support online video playback, use of online movie and serial broadcast platforms, offline viewing of photos and videos, and installation of some light software. If you are one of the users who do not expect much from the Android Box, then you can opt for these cheap but functional models.

Mid-range Android boxes are the choice of most users. These products are usually produced by reputable companies like Xiaomi and can provide users with higher processing power as well as economical hardware features. These devices are very suitable for displaying high-quality video and can usually run many programs without delays or slowdowns.

Finally, we come to the high-end or premium Android boxes. These products have their own fans, but they are not a suitable option for most users. These Android boxes can be used to display online video in the highest possible quality, run most programs, and even play games.

It is best to remember that most of the Android boxes have the ability to run the game, but before you install and play the game on the Android box, it is better to make sure that your device has enough power so that it will cause problems like device overheating. The device, the delay, and finally the breakdown of the device will be a problem. Not you

What does Android Box do?

In short, we can say that the Android box turns your TV into a completely smart device. In some cases, even using an Android box can give you more possibilities than using a Smart TV.

With Android Box, you can use online video streaming services on your TV. Web browsing is also available on many Android Box models, and you can enjoy watching the contents of your favorite websites on a large screen.

Some Android Box models allow you to connect accessories such as a mouse, keyboard, gamepad, and gaming accessories. With these accessories, you can bring your TV to its true potential and you won’t even need to use PCs anymore. Of course, remember that almost none of the Android boxes on the market have SIM card capability, and you can’t connect directly to the web with an internet line.

Mostly Android boxes allow you to connect your phone to the TV without the need for a wire or cable and watch the content that is displayed on the phone on the big TV screen. Of course, it’s best to make sure you have this feature before buying an Android Box.

What points should I pay attention to before buying an Android Box?

Although there are some of the best Android box models in the rest of this article, we suggest you to carefully check out the ones available in the market according to your needs. It is best to pay attention to the ports of the Android box you are considering so that it is fully compatible with your TV and other devices.

If you expect your Android device to handle heavy activities, you should also consider the chip and processor specifications. If you want your Androidbox to play the role of your home game console, you have to reach into your pocket and spend a little more. The Android Box’s RAM and internal memory are also very important for the smooth running of programs.

2022 Android boxes usually come with Android 10 or 11, but some Android boxes may come with an older version of Android. If you want your Android Box to support all apps, you’d better choose one of the new models with a new version of Android OS.

What is the cost of purchasing the Android Box and internet required for the device?

Android Box is sold in different stores starting from the base price of around 1 million tomans. In the price range from 1 million to 2 million tomans, we find good Iranian and foreign products that can satisfy the needs of most users. Of course, if you want heavier uses (such as games), you should look for options more expensive than 2 million tomans. Also, some Iranian platforms sell their Android boxes, by purchasing which you get access to a free subscription for a while.

The cost of internet in Android box is totally related to your type of usage. If you want to watch as many hours a day as regular TV and only watch online videos, you will have to spend a lot of money. Of course, you can reduce the playback quality to 480 or 360 to save money. In general, it can be said that the cost of the Internet in the Android Box is the same as the cost of watching videos online.

Should we choose Iranian or foreign Android Box?

Some Iranian Android boxes are produced in China and some are made and sold in Iran. In general, if you do not care about the brand, function and after-sales service are more important to you, you can choose one of the best-selling models on the market so that in case of failure, the parts of the machine can be easily found.

Foreign Android boxes usually have a higher price. If you want to buy an external Android device, you’d better go for well-known brands like Nvidia or Xiaomi.

How to use Android Box

Using Android boxes isn’t particularly complicated, and you can probably set up your own Android Box with a general knowledge of gadgets and smart devices. The Android box must be connected to electricity, internet and TV. Of course, there is no obligation to connect to the TV and you can connect this device to some monitors.

Some Android boxes do not need to be connected directly to electricity and can supply the power they need by connecting to the TV. After completing the connections, you can use your Android box like a smart TV with a special control. A number of Android boxes allow you to use your mobile phone as a console by installing apps and you no longer need to carry the console around.

The best Android boxes in the global market

Xiaomi Android boxes

The products of this company have many fans among Iranian users and can provide acceptable quality to users. At the time of this writing, you can buy the Xiaomi Mi Box S model for less than 2 million Tomans. This model is the best economical Android Box in the world and can be a suitable choice for Iranian users. The technical specifications of this model look very good and are almost unbeatable in this price category; Of course, you have to come to terms with small errors.

Android Box Nvidia Shield TV Pro

This product is considered the best model of 2022 and is manufactured by one of the most popular names in the video game industry. If you want your Android Box to take advantage of the best hardware and even replace your home game console, you should probably choose this model. Of course, remember to buy this model, you have to spend several times more than the Android Economic Box.

Amazon Fire TV Cube

The Fire TV Cube was developed by Amazon, and after several years it is still one of the best on the market. Amazon introduced the first series of this product in 2017 and now the latest version of this product is better than the first version in all areas. This model is not very popular in Iran, but in the global market, it is known as one of the best Android devices of 2022.

Android boxes for Iranian platforms

As we announced before, Iranian movie and series streaming platforms have also introduced and launched their Android devices. Compared to the best models of 2022, these products may not have much to say, but considering their price and after-sales service, they can be a suitable choice.

These Android boxes usually come to customers with a gift subscription, and you can use these platforms for a while without having to buy a subscription. Also, half-price internet for these platforms can increase the purchase value of these Android boxes.

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