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Using headphones and handsfree headphones has become a part of our daily life. These tools carry the burden of fast communication and audio media work. Concern for versatility, low cost, portability, and low chances of injury has led to many buying headphones and handsfree devices for up to 1 million tomans or in this price range. In this article from Foner, we are going to introduce some hands-free phones in the million price range. We will take a look at the design, features, charging rate, lightness, comfort and other relevant issues related to these speakers, so stay tuned for the end of the article on Handsfree Headphones Buying Guide for Up to 1 Million Tomans.

Before proceeding, keep one thing in mind; Despite fluctuating prices and intraday technological advances, it is reasonable to have an expectation commensurate with the cost you pay. With this in mind, you can choose the most cost-effective option. Take a look at our recommended options to make your final hands-free purchase.

Lenovo HE05; Most common for hands-free up to 1 million tomans

The number one product that grabs attention in our Best Handsfree Under 1 Million buying guide is the Lenovo HE05. This handsfree device fits almost every need. Due to its multi-purpose and very reasonable price compared to the features, this Bluetooth handsfree has become one of the most popular and best-selling products. The specifications of the Lenovo HE05 wireless headphones are as follows:

Specifications and features

  •      Bluetooth version: 5
  •      Reach range: 10 metres
  •      Body material: iron and silicone
  •      Waterproof: IPX5
  •      Dust IPX6:
  •      Battery: 3.7V/80mAh
  •      Full charge: 2 hours
  •      Unused mode: 120 hours
  •      Charging time: 8 hours
  •      Black color
  •      Headphone diameter: 10 mm
  •      Speaker sensitivity: 98 dB
  •      Frequency response range: Hz20 to 20 KHz

Xiaomi Air 2SE Bluetooth Headphones

The Xiaomi Air 2SE cordless phone is another product of the Xiaomi brand in the economical category, which we will discuss in the guide to buy the best handsfree up to a million . It can be said that this model is one of the best wireless handsfree devices up to a million. The dynamic driver of this speaker is 14.2mm in diameter and can provide very good sound quality. This product supports Bluetooth version 5 and its connection is stable, although it can work well up to 10 meters away.

This speaker with the charging case has a charge time of about 20 hours and doesn’t support things like noise cancellation, but it does provide acceptable conversation quality in relatively crowded environments.

Specifications and features:

  •      Model: Air 2SE
  •      Bluetooth version: 5.0
  •      Reach range: 10 metres
  •      Hands-free charging: 20 hours

QCY Bluetooth Handsfree Model HT03 Active Noise Canceling

The Bluetooth Hands-free Ht03 from the brand QCY, a subsidiary of Xiaomi, is one of the good and affordable products in the market in the 1 Million Tomans price range. One of the most important features of this handsfree is the ANC noise canceling feature, which has a great impact on conversation and can give you a good experience. This feature, often seen in high-end products, allows the device to remove excess sounds of up to 35 decibels. As a result, you will have a better experience listening to music, making phone calls, or things like that.

This product, which is the best wireless handsfree device for up to 1 million users, uses Bluetooth 5.1 and its range is 10 meters. In addition, using the transparent mode feature can also be beneficial for the user. Thanks to this feature, if someone wants to talk to you, ANC mode will be automatically disabled so that you can have a more comfortable conversation with people. The handsfree HT03 has a 400mAh battery, which can last 50 hours in standby.

If the charge is over, it will take about 2 hours to recharge the battery. After fully charged, you can use it for about 5 hours in ANC mode, and if noise canceling mode is disabled, Henzfree charging time will increase to about 6 hours. Charging in talk mode takes about 3.5 hours, and if you charge the case once, you can safely use the handsfree for up to 24 hours. It is not bad to mention that this item, which can be considered the best headphones under 1 million tomans, also supports wireless charging (Qi).

This device has 10mm dynamic drivers and supports SBC and AAC codecs. This feature will increase the sound quality and create a better experience for you. Four microphones with ENC capability are also built into the device to transmit sound to the audience without the slightest noise.

You can easily customize the QCY HT03 Active Noise Canceling Bluetooth Hands-Free with Android and iOS operating systems. The meaning of personalization is that the user can determine what happens by tapping on each phone; For example, it will play the next music, increase or decrease volume, or things like that. If you want to enjoy listening to music or having high quality phone conversations, this product can be a good choice for you.

Specifications and features:

  • • Weight: 4 grams (each phone)
  • • Bluetooth version: 5.1
  • • Reach range: 10 metres
  • • Battery: 400 mAh
  • • Full charge: 2 hours
  • • Standby: 50 hours • Charging time
  • : 5 hours
  • • Driver diameter: 10 mm
  • • Speaker sensitivity: 35 dB

QCY Wireless Handsfree Model T13

The T13 Wireless Handsfree is another product of the QCY brand, which we intend to mention in our guide to buying the best handsfree headphones for up to 1 Million Tomans. The dynamic driver of this speaker is 7.2mm and can provide very good sound quality. This product uses Bluetooth 5.1 version, the connection is stable, and it can work well up to 10 meters away.

The T13’s hands-free design is also one of its strengths, and the manufacturers have managed to make the product in a way that it fits well inside the ear and doesn’t tire the user anytime soon. Thanks to the IPX4 certification, this product is resistant to drops of water and will not be affected by water. It should be noted that this handsfree has the ability to support the ACC codec.

In terms of charging efficiency, we have to say that you can use it for about 7.5 hours for various tasks. If the case is fully charged, you can charge your AirPods three times with it. It’s not bad to mention that if you charge the earphones for 10 minutes, you can use them for up to 2 hours.

The QCY T13 wireless wireless model also benefits from the ability to reduce ambient noise and offers good sound quality with four microphones. This product also has touch controls and this way you can do things like activate game mode, pause the music, skip to the next song, and work with the voice assistant.

Specifications and features:

  • • Weight: 48 grams
  • • Bluetooth version: 5.1
  • • Reach range: 10 meters
  • • Battery: 380 mAh
  • • Full charge: 3 hours
  • • Battery life in the charging compartment: 30 hours
  • • Charging time: 8 hours
  • • Driver Diameter: 7.2 mm
  • • Speaker sensitivity: 110 dB

Bluetooth QCY T17 handsfree model

One of the cheapest items that we will present in our budget headphones buying guide article is the QCY T17 Bluetooth hands-free model. The manufacturer has designed this handsfree headset quite ergonomically, and since it weighs only 60 grams, the user can use it for hours without getting tired.

This product uses Bluetooth version 5.1 and its operating range is 10 meters. The noise canceling feature of the QCY T17 enables it to capture additional sounds of the environment and bring a better experience to users. Plus, having the ability to resist sweat and moisture also makes you feel some relief about being damaged by moisture.

The battery capacity in the box of this product is 380mAh and it takes 2.5 hours to fully charge it. You can listen to music for 7.5 hours and talk for up to 4.5 hours with this handsfree device. As a result, if you want a cost-effective and practical option, you can go for the QCY T17 Bluetooth hands-free model in the 1 Million Tomans price range.

Specifications and features:

  • • Weight: 4.2 grams (each phone)
  • • Bluetooth version: 5.1
  • • Battery: 380 mAh
  • • Full charge: 2.5 hours • Charging time
  • Music playback: 7.5 hours • Charging time
  • To talk: 4.5 hours

One Moore Triple Driver BT Wireless Headphones

If you are looking to buy a cheap all-in-one handsfree device, the 1MORE Triple Drive BT Headphones with a sleek, light and comfortable design are suitable to carry around during your daily activities. This long charging headset is one of the most comfortable, stylish and best mid-range headphones around. The specifications of this product are as follows:

  •      Dynamic driver and two balanced drivers for improved sound
  •      Surround sound recorder during calls
  •      Multipurpose button
  •      Flexible rotation
  •      10 minutes of fast charging and 3 hours of charging
  •      Soft silicone earplugs for ease of use
  •      Equipped with an 8mm driver with excellent sound reproduction
  •      Internal battery with a capacity of 12 hours charging and 7 days standby
  •      Bluetooth v5 chip with fast, uninterrupted connectivity
  •      IPX5 waterproof, rain and sweat proof
  •      Ergonomic and practical design for long-term use
  •      CVC ambient noise microphone
  •      Built-in magnet for easy carrying

The contents of the box are as follows:

  •      Instructions for use
  •      charger cable
  •      MORE Triple Driver BT1
  •      Headphone carrying and storage bag
  •      8 additional earphones: 5 silicone and 3 foam
  •      Main applications of SBC / AAC / A2DP / AVRCP / HFP / HSP / apt / apt-adaptive:


When choosing a handsfree device, consider two points: First, if you intend to buy a handsfree device up to 1 million tomans, expect according to the payment budget. If for any reason you want to shell out a small or medium amount, you shouldn’t expect a high-end or flagship product. However, in some cases, with research, you can make a smart purchase for the right amount. Our aim of the introduction is the same.

Second, after setting a budget, check your priorities. For example, consider ease of handling, high charge, type of use, long life, beauty, and elegance. Which is more important to you? Make sure to include your priorities in the selection and choose the one that best suits your needs from the hands-free devices offered.

Frequently Asked Questions

1- What is the best noise canceling headphone up to 1 million tomans?

QCY bluetooth Handsfree Model HT03 Active Noise Canceling is one of the best budget headphones that also supports noise canceling.

2- What is the best wireless gaming headset up to a million tomans?

The Hilo X1 Pro, GT7, and T13 headphones are among the best options in this price range for gaming users.

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