Steph Curry jokes about 'depressing' Warriors history ahead of NBA Finals

Steph Curry jokes about ‘depressing’ Warriors history ahead of NBA Finals

Steph Curry took a walk down memory lane of the Warriors’ organization on Wednesday.

All it took was a question during media day prior to the start of the NBA Finals against the Boston Celtics. Curry was asked about his impression of Golden State when the Warriors selected him seventh overall in 2009 – one spot ahead of the New York Knicks, where Curry thought he was going to go.

Instead, in a decision that would define the Warriors franchise for the next decade-plus (and haunt the Knicks in perpetuity), the Golden State brass went with Curry.

Turns out, Curry didn’t know much about his new home at the time.

“I was growing up on the East Coast,” Curry said. “So I mean, I watched games. But all I really knew is the ‘We Believe’ team and the Baron Davis dunk and beat them Dallas. That was top of mind. I knew about Run TMC but didn’t really understand the history as much.”

The “We Believe” team that upset the top-seeded Dallas Mavericks in 2007 and the Run TMC days pretty much encapsulated the only periods of success in recent Golden State franchise history – until Curry was drafted and the Warriors slowly built around him.

They nearly didn’t, as Curry pointed out the “drama” in his first year, from nearly being traded to the Phoenix Suns during draft night to Monta Ellis publicly stating that he couldn’t play with Curry in the backcourt.

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The Warriors eventually traded Ellis to the Milwaukee Bucks in 2012 for Andrew Bogut – another decision that changed the course of the franchise for the better. Removing Ellis allowed Curry to run the team, and he soon blossomed into a superstar. The rest is history – and it’s still going, with the Warriors on the cusp of their sixth title in eight seasons with Curry as their leader.

“But to see the evolution from [2009] to now, and the fact that six out of the last eight years we’ve been in the Finals, it’s crazy to think about for sure and speaks to all the different people who have had a part in that,” Curry said. “It’s been an amazing run. We obviously feel like we still have a lot left in the tank. That’s why we’re here.

Curry then joked that he didn’t want to “depress” himself with the history of the Warriors’ organization.

“I’m going to think about the bright moments, so I appreciate it,” Curry said.

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