What is the best mobile phone brand in the new year?

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In your opinion, which mobile phone was able to win the title of the best phone brand in the world? Every user has certain expectations from his mobile phone. After different points of view, you can consider choosing the best mobile phone brand. Sometimes the question is which is the best and most popular brand of phones, but sometimes the most beautiful, best warranty and other desirable things. In this article, we have presented the most popular and best-selling phones in 2022. Of course, this article was written keeping in mind the interest of users around the world, so some of the mentioned brands may not have high sales in Iran. Stay tuned for this article from Phoner Magazine and introduce and review the best phone brands in the world in 2022.


The American company Apple ranked first for the best phone brand in the world for the year 2022. Only 46 years have passed since the reopening of this company, which managed to break the boundaries of selling the best phone in the world. The Apple phone has die-hard fans. Even Apple fans are ready to spend the night and morning behind the doors of the distribution company in order to get the first new model of this company’s phones. Apple phones have a higher price than all kinds of mobile phone brands in the world. In fact, buying this phone is a sign of luxury.

The name of Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, is known to the people of the world. Its annual sales amounted to more than 217 million iPhones, and an annual income of more than $53.8 billion, and this company was able to place Apple phones in the first place for the best brand of phones. The best model of this brand’s phones so far is the iPhone 13 Pro Max.


The second place for the best phone brand in the world goes to the Korean tech giant. Samsung has been in the list of top mobile phone brands for many years. The phones of this company are the best models running the Android operating system. It’s been 84 years since Samsung started. Among the advantages of Samsung phones, we can mention the user-friendly environment, various innovations, new and attractive software and other features. All these features have made Samsung still in the first place among the most popular phones in the world.

Samsung is the second largest company with annual sales of 321.2 million phones and annual revenues of $211.2 billion. One of the best models of this phone so far is the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G model.

google pixel

The United States is the manufacturer of Google Pixel phones. Only 9 years have passed since the start of this company, and Google Pixel managed to take the third place in sales in 2022. Google Pixel phones are not well known among Iranians. Among the advantages of this American phone are very good photography at night, powerful hardware compatible with the phone’s software, and a powerful Android system.

Annual sales of 9.5 million smartphones and Google Pixel revenue of $3.5 billion put it in this ranking. As one of the best models of this brand, we can mention the Google Pixel 6 Pro 5G model.


The Chinese company OnePlus has only 9 years of experience in the mobile phone industry, but during this time it has managed to take fourth place among the best mobile phone brands. Among the characteristics of OnePlus phones, we can mention the quality of the device, its good performance, long battery life and good Android system.

This Chinese company sells 7 million phones annually, and the revenue of this company is $ 1.5 billion. The best OnePlus phone model so far is the OnePlus 10 Pro 5G.


The Chinese company Huawei took the third place in this list. Huawei is a Chinese multinational company and 35 years have passed since its establishment. The mobile phones of Chinese companies have been able to find many fans among the people of the world by copying the Android features of Korean phones and mass production of phones.

Beautiful design, acceptable hardware features and high-quality cameras of this Chinese brand have made a good place for these phones in the global phone market. Huawei’s annual sales are $107.13 billion and the company produces 200 million phones annually. Huawei Mate 40 Pro Plus is one of the best models of this company so far.


It has not been more than 12 years since Xiaomi was established in the world that this company managed to rank as the sixth best phone brand. This Chinese company in the production of Xiaomi phones aims to provide affordable mid-range phones in the market. The use of Android technology and the ease of use of this company’s phones have earned it a place among the best brands in the world.

Xiaomi has annual sales of 119 million devices, and annual revenue of $25.4 billion. Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra is known as one of the best models of this brand.


Once again, a Chinese company won the 7th best phone brand. It’s been 21 years since the launch of Oppo. Oppo phone like Xiaomi phones has a lot of fans among the youth. The features of these phones include powerful hardware, the phone does not heat up, long battery life and good games.

Producing 29.8 million phones annually, with annual revenue of $137.7 million, Oppo earns this rank. The Oppo Find X3 Pro model can be mentioned as the best phone of this Chinese brand.


13 years have passed since the start of the Chinese company Vivo, and this company, like its other counterparts, has been able to achieve the high ranks of the best phone brand in the world. It can be said that the powerful cameras, good Android system, and solid performance of this brand made it the 8th place.

Vivo sells 49.5 million phones annually and the revenue it gets from this sale is $46 million. So far, Vivo X70 Pro is known as the best model of Vivo company.


It’s been 21 years since Sony opened mobile phones in Japan. Sony phones once held the top ranks of the best phone brands in the world. One of the best features of Sony phones is its ability to resist water, which was added to mobile phones in the world for the first time.

With 6.5 million phones sold annually, and $77 billion in revenue, the company ranks ninth. The Sony Xperia Pro-1 is one of the best models of this brand that has hit the market so far.

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The Chinese company Realme has been operating for four years now, and during this time it has managed to take the 10th best phone brand. Many people consider this company to be Indian, but in fact, Realme is a Chinese company. The low price of phones of this brand has earned them a very good sales market. Sales of $30 million annually gave the Realm brand tenth place. The best model of this brand is Realme GT Neo 2.


Motorola is an American multinational company that was founded 94 years ago. Motorola split into two independent companies in 2011 after losing $4.3 billion. The reasonable price of Motorola phones, good battery life, and many features put these phones in the eleventh place among the best phones.

Motorola sells 12 million phones annually and generates $7.4 billion in revenue. Razr (2nd generation) is one of the best Motorola phone models.


33 years in the business of Asus. In our country, this brand is known for its laptops. With high capabilities, very good performance, and powerful hardware, Asus phones are among the best on the market.

Sales of 32 million phones and more than $531 billion in annual revenue made this brand the twelfth largest. The Asus Rog Phone 5 model of this brand is known as its best model till date.


Techno started operating in China 16 years ago. The high speed of the internet, high quality, excellent display and good performance of Tecno phones ranked this model as the 13th best phone brand in the world.

The annual sales of the Tecno brand are 74 million mobile devices, and the company’s revenue is $36 million annually. The best phone model from Tecno so far is the first Camon 16 model.


It’s South Korea’s turn to take another rank for the best phone brand in the world. LG is well known in our country. This company is the first company to introduce 3D rendering in its phones to the people of the world. Viewing the 3D images of the LG phone does not require glasses, and this unique design was able to distinguish LG phones from other phones.

Evidence is that LG has stopped producing smartphones to invest in electric cars, smart homes, communication devices, and robotics. LG earned $2.8 billion in annual sales and producing 5 million phones annually for its good rank and prestige. LG’s best phone model so far is known as the Wing 5G model.

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In this article, we have taken a look at the best phone brand in 2022. This list can change every year and the position of each brand in it can be higher or lower. In your opinion, which phone can claim the title of best mobile brand?

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