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Many people thought that with the advent of smartphones, simple phones would gradually disappear and there would be no news of Nokia and Samsung brand phones. Although most of the companies these days are no longer producing simple phones, there is still a need for these feature phones among different classes of people. If you are among the people who need a feature phone (simple phone purchase), then this article can help you by presenting the best phones in the Iranian market and checking their features and prices. stay with us

The most important features of a simple mobile phone

At the time of buying a simple phone, you should pay attention to important points that can be extremely important. It is always better to buy the phone you need from trusted stores, such as Phoner Store; Although the feature phone market is not as popular as it used to be, there are still profit seekers looking for more profits by selling original and fake phones. These fake phones usually have a very short life and sometimes have major issues like no antenna, no charging or fast battery drain.

Besides these things, you need to be very careful about the brand of your phone. Nowadays, many little-known Chinese brands have started producing simple mobile phones, and buying unknowingly from some of these companies can be a big mistake. Although many other companies have become indifferent to the production of feature phones, Nokia is still one of the largest producers of such phones and has a large share of the market. Feature phones of this brand are still one of the most reliable.

Nokia 125 TA 1253 DS FA

One of the best simple phones that can be found in the Iranian market is one of the best selling Nokia products. Nokia 125 TA 1253 DS FA is what most users expect from a feature phone and it can satisfy all users.

At the time of writing, this Nokia phone is priced at less than 800,000 tomans and can be a very affordable option for those who are looking for a phone of a popular brand. This phone does not have any special features and is only useful for those who want to use their phone to make calls, send and receive text messages, and use the radio without any issues.

Unfortunately, there isn’t even a normal camera in this phone and this phone is “simple” in the truest sense of the word. One of the main features of this model is its extraordinary battery life. As Nokia claims, this model can last nineteen hours of talk time. It is also possible to store two thousand contacts in the phonebook of this simple Nokia phone.

In addition to the features that we announced, this model uses two SIM cards, four megabytes of RAM and four megabytes of internal memory. Also, the presence of a flashlight in this phone is an important feature.

Simple phone Nokia FA 106 2018

The previous phone on this list was introduced in 2020, but Nokia FA 106 2018 is considered an old phone. Perhaps this old model will not like many buyers, but it is better to know that this model is not much different from Nokia 1253 in terms of technical specifications.

This phone also has four megabytes of RAM and four megabytes of internal memory and can handle fifteen hours of talk time. According to Nokia, the standby time for this model is about 500 hours.

In recent years, this model has been one of the best simple mobile phones on the market, which can now be purchased for less than seven hundred thousand tomans. Due to the fact that the phone is a bestseller, if you encounter problems such as damaged parts, the probability of finding suitable parts in the market is very high.

Although the processor of this phone is one of the weakest processors produced by MediaTek, it can easily handle the activities that users expect from a simple phone and has an acceptable smoothness. Like the previous phone on this list, this phone does not have a specific operating system and can only be used for calls, SMS, and listening to the radio.

JLX phones

JLX is one of the most popular manufacturers of mobile phones in our country, which has also produced many simple phones. The price of a phone from this brand is lower compared to competitors, and even with a budget of 300,000 tomans, you can buy some phones from this brand like the C66.

Along with this model, the price of the JLX R2401 is less than 400 thousand tomans and is one of the most economical smartphones in the market. Phones of this brand have a huge advantage over Chinese competitors, and this advantage is the support and after-sales service that the manufacturer provides to buyers.

Nokia FA 3310 2017 phone

After searching for the most economical phones in the market, it is now time for one of the most expensive feature phones. This phone is considered one of the best simple phones in the market in terms of features and appearance, but it is older compared to some of the models in this article.

This phone is, in a way, a new generation of the unforgettable Nokia 3310, which was launched with more features and a relatively high price tag. At the time of writing this article, the price of the new version of the Nokia 3310 phone is about one million five hundred thousand tomans. If the simplicity of a phone is not important to you, with the same budget, you can buy one of the smartphones that has a price similar to the feature phone (we will introduce one of these phones below).

This model uses a 2MP camera and you can record the pictures you want when necessary. Another notable feature of this phone is the support for the 3.5mm headphone jack and external memory card. With these two features, you can put the music you want into this phone and use it as an MP3 player.

According to the manufacturer’s announcement, this model can handle 22 hours of talk time and in standby mode, and can last up to 600 hours without charging!

Ard Empire 2020 is the most luxurious simple phone in the Iranian market!

Finally, it is the turn of one of the most luxurious phones that have come out so far. Orod Empire 2020 is one of the phones designed based on the expensive Verto phones.

In terms of features and functionality, this phone can compete with several thousand dollar Verto phones, but in terms of quality and materials used in building the phone, it doesn’t even come close to these popular phones.

There is a camera module on the back of this phone, the quality of which is not specified, but it can help you in times of need. The battery life of this model can be very good due to its 1000mAh battery. This phone can be purchased currently at a price of approximately eight hundred thousand tomans. Fortunately, this model can be purchased with a guarantee.

Buying a smartphone at a simple phone price!

If the only reason for choosing the Essential phone is the price, you can get an Android phone for a reasonable price. For example, the Energizer Energy E500S phone has a price of about 1 million tomans and is equipped with a touch screen. This phone comes with Android 8 and also supports Forge Internet. The screen size of this model is also five inches. Of course, remember that this model is one of the rarer phones and you may have trouble finding its parts.

Besides this phone, Nokia C1 is also among the other cheap smartphones that you can get for less than 1,500,000 Tomans. The latest version of this phone was introduced in 2021 and it is currently one of the best selling Android phones in our country with a price of less than one million five hundred thousand tomans.

Final conclusion

It is best to pay attention to the brand of the phone when choosing and buying simple phones, such as other smartphones. Although some phones without warranty have a lower price tag, we suggest not neglecting a valid warranty even when buying cheap phones.

It’s also best to go to reputable sellers when buying a simple phone so you don’t get a fake phone. Finally, it is best to pay attention to the budget smartphones on the market before buying the phone.

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