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Before buying a mobile phone, it is very important to research and study it well and after carefully checking the specifications of the phones and comparing them with each other, make the purchase. You should consider your needs and budget and then proceed with the purchase. Screen size and type, camera features, battery, processors, memories, etc. are among the most important features that you have to evaluate. In this article, we want to review Samsung flagship phones and list the best Samsung flagship phones for you. After reading this article, you can purchase and choose more easily from Foner Store.

Samsung S series phones.

First, we are going to introduce the Samsung S series flagship phones. This series has been launched in different models that have significant differences from each other. Samsung has used the latest technology in these phones and used the best of its art and expertise so that these phones can compete well with other companies and flagships.

Samsung’s latest flagship phone in this series is the S22, which has just been launched. Of course, you can also buy the S21, which has been lowered in price after the release of the S22 and is now more economical.

  •      Samsung Galaxy S20 FE
  •      Samsung Galaxy S21 FE
  •      Samsung Galaxy S21 phone
  •      Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus
  •      Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
  •      Samsung Galaxy S22 phone
  •      Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus
  •      Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

The cheapest Samsung flagship phones in this series are the S21 and S22 phones, and their screens are smaller than other phones in this series. These phones can be a great choice for people who prefer phones with smaller dimensions and more handy. In addition to the economical price, they have very good performance.

The S21 Plus or S22 Plus phones have larger batteries and screens and outperform other phones in some specifications. But if you want to buy the best version of these phones, the Ultra version is the best option for you. These Samsung phones have the best capabilities and the most complete technologies. The S22 Ultra also supports a stylus.

Samsung Z series phones

The z series is Samsung’s flagship phones, which has a significant difference from the rest of the company’s phones. Designed as a foldable device, this series is a new generation of smartphone. For the first time in 2020, Samsung’s first flagship Z series phone named z flip was released to the market and attracted users’ attention. Although this phone has design flaws.

After the release of the flagship Samsung z Flip, the Galaxy Z Fold 2, Galaxy Z Fold 3, and Galaxy Z Flip 3 phones were produced and designed, which fixed the defects of the previous phone. These phones had a much better design and as a result became more popular.

Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Z Fold 3

Samsung’s latest flagships in the Z series are the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Z Fold 3. The Galaxy Z Flip 3 is designed in such a way that the screen folds horizontally. Unlike the Galaxy Z Fold 3’s design, the fold is vertical. Both phones have a high price and do not fall into the category of cheap phones.

Samsung Note series phones

Samsung’s flagship Note series was very popular until today, but you may have heard that this series will no longer be produced. In fact, Samsung’s new policy is to invest in z series phones to replace Samsung’s previous flagship, the Note series. If we take a closer look at the specifications of the Samsung S22 Ultra, we will find that this phone is a combination of other Samsung flagship phones, the Note and S series.

In the following article, we will review the most important and best Samsung flagship phones, so stay tuned.

Galaxy S22 Ultra

The first Samsung flagship we’ll be reviewing is the Galaxy S22 Ultra. This phone is currently the latest flagship phone from Samsung and is in fact the best and most powerful phone in the Samsung brand.

This phone has a very beautiful and eye-catching design. It is completely full screen and there is no bezel around the screen and you see a very nice screen. And its sharp corners make it twice as attractive. In addition, the thin bezels give the screen a very modern look.

One of the most important features of the Galaxy S22 Ultra is the S Pen, which was not present in previous S series phones. This pen has many uses and supports well from professional designs to note taking and gaming. Now let’s check the battery of this phone. This phone has a powerful 5000 mAh battery. The capacity of this powerful battery is fully compatible with the hardware of this phone and it can be said that you do not need to charge your mobile phone every day.

The processor used in the phone is the Snapdragon 888. It is good to know that this processor is the most powerful and fastest among Android phones. This processor can easily run all the games and programs without any pressure on the processor.

Samsung’s flagship phone has a 108MP main camera. It also has a 12MP ultra wide angle camera. The telephoto camera has a resolution of 10MP and the selfie camera has an equivalent quality of 40MP. Overall, the S22 Ultra’s camera easily competes with other brands and has a very good zoom capability.

Galaxy S22 Plus

The second phone we’ll be reviewing is the Galaxy S22 Plus. This phone has a very good value for money and is an excellent choice. In addition to the beautiful design, this phone also has a very high build quality. This Samsung flagship has the IP68 standard. This standard means that this mobile phone is completely resistant to water and dust.

Now it is better to check the screen of this phone. This phone has a 6.6 inch screen that displays images with a refresh rate of 120Hz. This feature makes watching movies, playing games, and navigating between different pages smoother and more natural. It should be noted that the color clarity is also very high and the colors are very natural.

The chip used in the Galaxy S22 is exactly the same as the one used in the Galaxy S22 Ultra, the first-generation Snapdragon 888, which, as mentioned earlier, is the most powerful and fastest Android chip in the world. This chip provides you with an unparalleled performance in running all kinds of games and programs.

Also, this Samsung flagship phone offers you very good performance in photography and video recording. The main camera of this phone has a resolution of 50 MP and thus provides you with a quality that you can print these photos. Also, this phone has an ultra wide camera with an equivalent quality of 12MP. A telephoto camera is also installed in this phone. The selfie camera is also of good quality. This phone also offers very good video recording performance.

Galaxy S21 Ultra

The next phone we’ll be reviewing is the Galaxy S21 Ultra. This phone is actually Samsung’s flagship phone from last year, but it still has very impressive specs compared to many other Samsung phones. This model also has a powerful OLDE screen with a refresh rate of 120Hz. It also offers 1000 lumens of brightness. In addition to the screen, a stylus is also designed for it. This screen displays natural colors and supports HDR mode.

The battery capacity of this phone is 5000mAh, which is pretty decent compared to Samsung flagship devices and can easily provide a full day of charge to the user. The chip used in this phone has a unique performance, and as a result all the games, graphic programs, etc. work well on this phone.

The Samsung flagship phone has a 108MP camera and a 40MP selfie camera. In addition, Samsung’s flagship phone has a 12MP ultra wide camera and a 10MP telephoto camera. As a result, it takes unique photos and has an extraordinary quality.


Buying a cell phone requires a lot of research. In fact, you must first check the technical specifications of each phone. Then compare its features and finally decide according to your budget and needs. In this article, we have listed the best Samsung flagships. These phones included the z and s series. In the following article, we have introduced three Samsung flagships, namely the 22 Ultra, s 21 Ultra, and s 22 Ultra plus, and reviewed their features such as processor, camera, screen, and battery. We hope you enjoyed reading this article and found it useful.

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