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Buying a cheap and suitable phone is one of the concerns of many people in the society. The need for a smart world and access to online services is felt more than ever, but in the meantime, many people do not have the ability to buy an expensive phone, or because they use the phone for their daily needs, they do not want to spend a lot of money. These people are looking for a phone at a reasonable price, regardless of the high costs, but they may not have very detailed information about it.

This online shopping guide in this field helps applicants of low price phones to make the best purchase according to their needs and budget by carefully checking the specifications of affordable mobile phones. Keep in mind that you do not have a large list of phone models available in the lower price range and you will be limited in your choice. In this article, we will introduce 10 models of the cheapest smartphones from Phoner store so that you can choose your desired brand and model by comparing them.

Samsung M01 Core phone

When you want to buy a cheap mobile phone, Samsung M01 Core is undoubtedly one of the current offerings. This touchscreen smartphone has a classic look and was released in the market on 29th July 2020 with a screen size of 5.3 inches.

This convenient and smart phone is available in two versions with 1 GB RAM and 16 GB internal memory and 2 GB RAM and 32 GB internal memory although the 1 GB RAM is weaker. It should be noted that this phone has an 8-megapixel main camera and a 5-megapixel single-lens selfie camera and records 1080p videos.

Given its cheap price, this smartphone packs a 3000mAh battery, which given its small size, the design of such a large battery was unexpected. Other features of this phone include the screen quality of 720 x 1480 and its high speed.

Nokia C20 mobile phone

Nokia C20, which was launched in April 2021, is one of the latest products of the Nokia mobile phone company. In fact, everything that the public expects from a smartphone is embedded in it and it is also known as a low price phone.

This phone has a plastic yet durable body and a 6.52 inch IPS screen that saves battery. Nokia C20 can be placed in the category of smartphones that easily provide the user with the ability to surf the web, watch movies, and play games both online and offline.

Both the phone’s selfie camera and the main camera are 5MP with an LED flash, which makes it possible to take pictures in low-light environments. This Nokia product with a 3000 mAh battery is available in two versions: 1 GB RAM and 16 GB internal memory and 2 GB RAM with 32 GB memory, but it can be upgraded up to 256 GB using a memory card. This feature is one of the positive features of Nokia C20.

Huawei Y5 2019

Huawei Y5 2019 is a phone with practical features. Overall, this Huawei phone looks like flagship phones. The plastic body of this phone is covered with a leather cover in three different colors: cream, black and blue.

Huawei Y5 2019 has a 5.7-inch screen with a resolution of 1520 x 720, which shows colors well. This phone is designed with 2GB RAM and 16 and 32GB internal memory that can be upgraded.

The main camera of this budget phone is 13 megapixels and the selfie camera is 5 megapixels, and it also offers the ability to shoot in Full HD quality. Huawei Y5 supports Android 9 operating system and has a 3020 battery.

Long battery life, good imaging, good antenna placement, large HD screen and quad-core processor are some of the positive features of this phone.

Samsung Galaxy A02 phone

Galaxy A02 is a budget phone launched by Samsung in 2021. This phone has a plastic frame, which is not strange and unexpected considering its price. Because Samsung has also used plastic frames in its higher-end models.

The 6.5-inch LCD screen with a resolution of 720 x 1600 is one of the features of this phone that provides the user with a good screen quality. This phone is available in the market as a single and dual-SIM version, and note that it does not contain a fingerprint sensor.

Galaxy A02 came to market with 2, 3 and 4 GB memory and 32 and 64 GB memory. The selfie camera 5 and the main camera has two lenses of 13 and 2 megapixels with LED flash which is not to be expected. One of the strengths of this phone is the use of a 5000 mAh lithium battery, which makes it a good phone in its price category, although the slow charging speed cannot be ignored.

One of the negative points mentioned for this phone is the lack of use of anti-scratch glass in its design, and as soon as it comes into contact with sharp objects, it gets scratched.

Samsung Galaxy A03 Core phone

On November 15, 2021, Samsung launched the Galaxy A03 Core smartphone as an affordable mobile phone and it was placed in the category of best-in-class phones.

This smartphone provides the user with the ability to use two SIM cards at the same time and displays clear pictures with its 6.5 inch HD PLS display.

This phone contains 2 RAM and 32 GB internal memory and supports an external memory card. The main camera on the A03 is 8MP and the selfie camera is 5MP which is capable of taking pictures in dark environments.

One of the most positive features of this mobile phone is the 5000mAh battery of this model at its reasonable price; Because the screen resolution with the processor is weaker and as a result it consumes less battery.

LG K41S phone

Made by the big and famous company LG, the K41S is a reasonably priced phone with acceptable features. This budget phone has an updated and new design. Also, four cameras are arranged horizontally and symmetrically behind it and the touch sensor is present below it. But its disadvantage is that its slippery body makes it easy to fall out of the hand.

The screen of this phone measures 6.5 inches and has a resolution of 720 x 1600, offering better performance than its competitors. The K41S selfie camera has an 8-megapixel resolution, and its main camera consists of a 13-megapixel wide lens, a 5-megapixel ultrawide lens, and 2-megapixel depth-sensing and macro lenses, and in general it has good features for photography.

This phone is available in the market with 3 random memory and 32 GB storage. There is also a 4000 mAh battery in the phone, which lasts for a day and a half with normal daily use.

J Plus P10 Plus phone

The P10 Plus mobile phone is an Iranian-Chinese phone with good features. This phone has a 6-inch screen with a resolution of 720 x 1560, which is a good screen for the price. This phone supports the Android 10 operating system and was launched in the market with 2 RAM and 32 GB internal memory. The built-in camera is 13MP with a 5MP ultra-wide lens, a 2MP depth sensor, and a 5MP selfie camera.

Of course, the P10’s camera doesn’t outshine its competitors, and one shouldn’t expect too much from it. Another point is the P10’s 3500 mAh battery, which doesn’t last long even when doing normal, everyday tasks.

Infinix HOT10 phone

The Chinese company Infinix has been launching its smartphones for quite some time. This company is known for producing phones of the low and mid-range range. This new brand is fairly well known in Iran.

Infinix HOT10 has a 6.82-inch HD+ display with a resolution of 720 x 1640, which offers good picture quality. Although the phone does not have a unique design, considering its price range, it is quite decent and has features such as a fingerprint sensor.

The low profile selfie camera is 8MP and the main camera is 13MP with another lens (may be for the depth sensor but it is not mentioned in the main specifications). One of its strengths is this phone’s 6,000mAh battery, which gets little use due to its IPS display.

Xiaomi Redmi 9A phone

This model of the Xiaomi phone is one of the most popular phones of this Chinese company. The body of this cheap and popular phone is made of high-quality plastic and prevents it from slipping and falling.

The Redmi 9 is a large phone with a 6.53-inch IPS LCD screen that has an acceptable size. The phone has four lenses of 13MP, 8MP ultra-wide, 5MP, 2MP life sensor lenses, and an 8MP selfie camera. The Redmi 9 camera performs well for its price and can greatly satisfy its users.

One of the positive features of this mobile phone is its 5020mAh lithium battery which can store charge easily. According to investigations, if Redmi 9 is used as a normal user, it can charge up to 2 days.

Nokia 4 mobile phone

Nokia 1.4 is an example of a cheap Android smartphone launched by the old Nokia company in 2021. This phone has a 6.5 inch screen and is available in the market with 1/2/3 RAM and 16/32/64 GB internal memory, at Although it also supports external memory cards.

The selfie camera of this phone is 5 megapixels and the main camera is 8 and has a depth sensor of 2 megapixels. The battery of this phone is 4000 mAh which is a good battery at this price. According to the manufacturer, under normal use, its charge lasts up to two days.

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