How to distinguish between the original and fake Samsung phone?

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How to identify the original or fake Samsung phone? This is probably one of the most common questions asked by people looking to buy a new or used phone. Read the article below and learn how to distinguish between an original Samsung phone and a fake one.

Undoubtedly, Samsung is one of the best manufacturers in the field of smartphones. The company never fails to use the latest technology in every new model, but that ultimately drives up the price. This is where buyers will want to check the market to see if the same set of specs can be purchased for much cheaper.

Due to lack of awareness of buyers, sellers trick them into producing cheaper fake phones. But don’t worry, in this phoner store article, we will discuss the main signs to check an original Samsung smartphone.

How to identify the original Samsung A20 phone?

To check out all the essential Samsung A20 details all you have to do is:

  •      Open your device settings.
  •      Scroll down and find the System menu.
  •      On the next page, you can see all the features of the Samsung A20.
  •      These details include the phone screen, CPU, RAM, ROM, back and front camera configuration, battery details, etc.

What is the review code for the original Samsung phone?

It must be said that the process of checking an original Samsung phone is very simple. Simply go to the call section and enter the code *#0*# or *#32489#. Once you type this code, the phone will automatically enter its secret detection mode and display all necessary information to check whether the phone is original or not.

How to check Samsung screen?

To get started, you need to check the screen brightness. If you see the original Samsung LCD, it’s bright and if you look closely at the fake screen’s brightness, it’s relatively less bright. If you are still not sure, you can compare the highest brightness level with an original Samsung device that you are sure of. Alternatively, you can check the bar on the screen of your Samsung device, but it is usually difficult to identify. Overall, the screen of the Samsung phone has an amazing quality principle that you will notice right away when you see it.

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Samsung’s original or fake detection technology

Admittedly, cloned smartphones can look exactly like the original cell phones and you may not be able to recognize them at first sight. To check if your Samsung device is a clone or a fake, look out for the following signs:

The first trick – check the authenticity of the device using Samsung secret codes

With Samsung special codes, you can definitely check the hardware of your device. All codes mentioned below should work on your device as these codes are only available on original Samsung phones. If your smartphone does not have these secret codes, it is likely that you have purchased a fake Samsung device.

To check these Android secret codes, just go to your phone’s dialer and enter one of the following codes. Once you do that, your device will automatically enter hidden detection mode and display all necessary information.










     *#32489# (encryption information)

     *#232331# (bluetooth test mode)

     *#12580369# (SW and HW info for the device)

     *#1234# (View SW PDA, CSC, MODEM version)

     *#0228# (Read ADC)

Trick 2 – Tags to look for physical features in original Samsung

Unlike the early days of smartphones, manufacturers are getting smarter and producing better quality phones. So, checking the appearance of the phone on its own may not help but confirming these symptoms should be the first step in determining the authenticity of your Samsung phone.

  •      Check the brightness and liveliness of the screen images. The genuine device offers a range of vibrant colours, while the fake smartphones give you dull colours.
  •      Pay attention to the space of the page to the edges. Emulated smartphones usually have a large gap from the edges of the screen to the edge of the device.
  •      The power button on the original Samsung phone is separated from the volume button by an appropriate distance. While both simulators buttons have unusual gaps.
  •      Don’t forget to check the glass material of your device screen. Run your fingers across the screen and if it feels more like plastic than glass, then it is probably a clone product.
  •      Also focus on your smartphone’s sensor. Usually, these sensors are not found in fake Samsung phones.

If you cannot confirm the authenticity of your Samsung device using the mentioned tricks, check for the following symptoms.

Third trick – check the specs out of the box

It is essential that the product specifications listed on the back of the box match the specifications in your smartphone settings. Go to your phone Settings > About phone section. Now simply compare the details to your phone case. If it doesn’t match, you probably bought a fake Samsung phone.

Trick 4 – Check Samsung’s IMEI number

The IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number is a unique set of identification codes assigned to each device, and no two phones can have the same IMEI. Most of the fake phones do not have a valid IMEI number or use a fake number. To check the IMEI number, which is a 15-digit number, you must do the following:

  •      Go to phone settings.
  •      Scroll down to the bottom of the Settings window to see the About Phone menu.
  •      The About Phone window displays the IMEI code, model number, and serial number.
  •      Alternatively, you can simply type *#06# into your phone’s dialer and a message will pop up on your screen showing your Samsung IMEI number.

There are also some alternative ways to check the Samsung IMEI number. These methods can be used for mobile phones and tablets that have non-removable batteries. To check this, just look at the back of the phone to find the IMEI and serial number.

Another way is to look for the original Samsung verification code, which you need to look for under the battery. However, this method can only be used for mobile phones with removable batteries.

Getting the IMEI can help you determine the device model, network compatibility, and you can even find out if the phone was previously stolen and then sold to you.

Tip 5 – Run a performance test

Performing the following performance tests will tell you more about whether the Samsung phone is fake or original. Follow the steps below in order:

     Take some pictures

This is one of the most popular ways to verify that you have an original Samsung phone. Naturally, you cannot expect low-resolution or low-quality images from an original Samsung device.

     Run heavy games or programs

If you have a fake Samsung phone, you won’t be able to boot the phone to play high-end games like Vice City, Grand Theft Auto, Star Wars, or The Dark Knight Rises, which is confirmation that the phone is fake.

     Turn your device off and on

Fake Samsung phones take a long time to turn off or turn on.

     Run multiple programs at the same time

While navigating from one application to another, you should carefully monitor how your device reacts to each activity. If the transfer takes time or the phone is slow to respond, then you are most likely using a fake Samsung smartphone.

Why is it easy to copy Samsung phones?

Samsung makes mobile phones that are developed on the Android operating system, which is an open source platform. Since anyone can use it, it becomes easier for profit-seeking companies to produce a counterfeit device from the original one.

So, if you are planning to buy a new Samsung phone and you don’t know if it is original Samsung phone or not, then this article will be very helpful for you.

How to check if the phone is new or repaired?

Have you recently bought a Samsung device but are not sure if it is new or just refurbished? Follow these steps carefully:

  •      Go to your device’s communicator.
  •      Type ##786#
  •      From the recipients command buttons: View and Reset. Click on the first one!
  •      Your device screen will be populated with all the information about your phone.
  •      Look for “refurbished status”.
  •      If it says “No” in front of it, don’t worry, you are using a new Samsung device.


According to the provided solutions, you can easily and safely guarantee the authenticity of your Samsung phone. We hope this article helped you find the information you are looking for. Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

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