Charles Barkley calls Warriors' Boston crowd callouts 'weak'

Charles Barkley calls Warriors’ Boston crowd callouts ‘weak’

If there’s anyone who knows how it feels to be on the receiving end of expletive jeers from thousands of people, it’s Hall of Famer Charles Barkley. As such, he weighed in on the purported controversy between Golden State Warriors players and family members, and the Boston crowd at TD Garden on Wednesday.

Klay Thompson, Steve Kerr and Hazel Renee, the wife of Draymond Green, criticized Boston fans for chanting “F—k you Draymond” every time the Golden State forward touched the ball during the Dubs’ Game 3 loss to the Celtics.

Speaking with Justin Termine and Eddie Johnson on SiriusXM, Barkley called the criticism from the Warriors circle “weak,” especially since Warriors fans were rather antagonistic towards the former Round Mound of Rebound during the Western Conference Finals to the point where Barkley nearly retaliated.

“I had 20,000 people telling me I sucked last week,” he said. “You’re not in a position of power. I mean they were throwing things at me and everything. This notion that because people are cursing you out, it’s classless I’m like, hey, that’s the way it is. I picked against the Warriors and they hate me, which is fine, that goes with the territory.

“But you can’t come out with Draymond offending people and saying things about the crowd, and then when they give it back to you, you say ‘they shouldn’t be talking mean to me.’ It doesn’t work like that.”

Not every Warriors player complained about the profanity. Green himself said they did what he expected them to do — though he later tried to claim that he has the upper hand on Celtics fans because he’s in their head “rent-free” — and Steph Curry acknowledged that it was par for the course.

Even league commissioner Adam Silver doesn’t think anything needs to be done about it.

“I want fans to enjoy themselves. I mean, of course, as the league office you want to see it done with respect for all the participants, but I get it. I love the energy Boston fans bring to the game,” Silver said when asked about the Draymond chants.

Sure, there may be something particularly venomous about the way Boston fans go about their jeering, but it’s such an established reputation that to suddenly be shocked when it happens is to show your ignorance.

This is also just simply what happens when a team has an instigator and irritant like Green and they play in hostile territory. Perhaps the jeering might have leveled out had no one paid any mind to it, but now that the head of the league has commented on it, it’s hard to imagine the chants not getting louder for Game 4 on Friday.

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