Blues fan survey: Trade Tarasenko?  Re-sign Perron?  Trust in Binnington?

Blues fan survey: Trade Tarasenko? Re-sign Perron? Trust in Binnington?

It was interesting this week to look back at the Blues’ fan survey from last year. Some of the issues we asked you about have long been forgotten while others remain hot topics.

For example, is anybody out there still worried about Vladimir Tarasenko’s health and production? Maybe a few people, but last June, 40.2 percent of those polled responded with the highest level of concern.

Another question we asked was whether the Blues should protect Tarasenko in the NHL expansion draft and only 53.1 percent said yes. A month later, the club did not protect Tarasenko, but for their sake, Seattle thankfully took a pass and Tarasenko remained in St. Louis, where he put up 34 goals and 82 points. So to those 53.1 percent: take a bow!

Then there are the topics that never seem to go away.

We presented the option of four players the Blues could hypothetically acquire last year in free agency or a trade — Calgary’s Matthew Tkachuk, Colordado’s Gabriel Landeskog, Buffalo’s Jack Eichel and Carolina’s Dougie Hamilton — and were hardly surprised that Tkachuk was the clear-cut choice ( 55.1 percent). Twelve months later, his name is still popping up.

Finally, reviewing one last question from last year’s survey that remains a part of the offseason conversation, what is the Blues’ most pressing, on-ice need: top-four defenseman, scoring forward, net-front presence, or backup goalie? The No. 1 selection was top-four defenseman (35.3 percent), and that could well be the winner again in this year’s survey.

This brings us to our annual fan survey, which will hopefully represent much of what’s on your mind.

(Note: If you have any problems loading or filling out the survey, you can access it directly by clicking here.)

(Top photo by Vladimir Tarasenko/Jeff Le-USA TODAY Sports)


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