3 Patrick Kane trade packages with the Buffalo Sabers

3 Patrick Kane trade packages with the Buffalo Sabers

The Chicago Blackhawks should be looking to rebuild their roster. That means that some tough decisions are going to be needed. That is going to include some big-time players being potentially moved as a result of these decisions.

Nobody in the history of the Chicago Blackhawks is as important as Patrick Kane. He has won everything there is to win and is one of the best players in franchise history. He is also the greatest American-born player who ever lived as well.

He has one more year left on his contract and then the future is unknown for him. As a result of this, they might decide to move on from him. If they traded him this offseason, they would get a lot in return. It would be a haul that is good enough to help their rebuild along.

The one team that makes sense for a variety of reasons is the Buffalo Sabers. They were a very exciting young team down the stretch in 2021-22 and will be looking to take another step in 2022-23. They don’t have Jack Eichel anymore so adding a star like Kane would really help.

The Chicago Blackhawks and Buffalo Sabers could pull off a big trade.

Kane might also consider resigning there as he is a native of Buffalo, New York. He fits in there both on and off the ice. They could really use a move like that as they have the longest playoff drought in the National Hockey League.

Buffalo has plenty of good players to play with Kane. They are loaded with young players and could give up something good in order to get him while keeping plenty of talent to compete on the ice. These three trade packages might get a deal like this done:

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