2 trades Knicks can make to move up in 2022 NBA Draft

2 trades Knicks can make to move up in 2022 NBA Draft

The NBA Draft Lottery came and went, and for us New York Knicks fans, we got what we expected, the 11th overall pick in the draft. The good news is that the Knicks can still pick higher than No. 11 using the plethora of draft picks they have. Let’s dive into two trades that New York could make to move up in the draft.

We all were living on the prayer that somehow, some way, we would luck into that 9.4% chance of a top four pick, but of course, that did not happen.

If the Knicks did pull off the miracle in some wave room at the McCormick Place Convention Center in Chicago, I would be writing an article on two trades they could make with that pick, probably to land either Donovan Mitchell or Zion Williamson, but no, so here I am.

Would YOU make these trades for the Knicks if you were Leon Rose?

The biggest winner of the draft lottery was the Sacramento Kings, who jumped from the No. 7 spot to the No. 4 spot and are reportedly looking to trade the pick. This is something New York would be smart to entertain as Sacramento is reportedly looking for more of a “win now” type player, meaning that they could have some interest in Julius Randle.

I’m also not an insane person. DailyKnicks did not hire me so that I could have “random, casual fan on Twitter” level takes. Randle’s value is not that high, so it would more likely have to include a sizable amount of draft picks, which the Knicks would then have to decide if they’re willing to do or not.

Another team that has shown interest in making a move with their draft pick is the Portland Trail Blazers. Portland has been a team that has fully run on Damian Lillard and seems to want to build a successful roster around him before he decides that it is time to leave the Blazers.

Portland has been linked to Zach LaVine as a possible free agency destination for the 27-year-old this summer, and they have two max contract slots open, meaning that the Blazers could create a big three of Lillard, LaVine, and Randle.

There is always the long shot that the No. 11 pick could be part of a Donovan Mitchell trade package, but it feels unlikely that New York will acquire the hometown kid this summer.

Now, here’s the question: What do all these trades mean for the Knicks? Well, it’s simple. We’re going to do what we do best and speculate on trades that probably will not happen even if we want them to. Except for the second trade that I’m going to propose here, where these two teams are actually perfect trade partners for each other.

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