NY Rangers' breakup day takeaways: Emotions remain raw

NY Rangers’ GM addresses offseason plans

There were no headline-making statements or major revelations that came out of Chris Drury’s end-of-the-season call with New York Rangers’ beat reporters on Wednesday.

That’s just not his style.

The team president and general manager is calculated in what he says and very careful not to reveal much about his offseason plans. As has been his policy since he was promoted to the big chair last year, Drury will not discuss any active contract negotiations, nor will he tip his hand about which players he’s prioritizing.

It’s no secret that difficult choices lie ahead, with eight pending free agents from the Rangers’ regular lineup and less than $12 million in available salary cap space. But rather than directly address the path he’ll take to help this Eastern Conference finalist roster continue its championship progression, the GM spoke in broad terms while praising the effort of everyone involved.

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