Nashville Predators establish timeline for Bill Haslam's ownership

Nashville Predators establish timeline for Bill Haslam’s ownership

Form Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam is expected to become majority owner of the Nashville Predators in the next few years and is in the process of buying a majority stake in the franchise from Herb Fritch, chairman of Predators Holdings LLC, an ownership group of 17.

Haslam is expected to become “minority owner in the next few months,” according to the team. That will begin a multi-year process for Haslam to gain a majority stake that will all but ensure the team’s long-term future in Nashville.

Sportico first reported the deal Thursday night. The Tennessean later independently confirmed the news.

“From the time our ownership group, made up of day one season ticket holders, gathered together in 2007 to purchase and guarantee the franchise’s future in Nashville, the goal has been to ensure that stewardship of the team is in strong local hands,” said Sean Henry, president and CEO of the Predators and Bridgestone Arena.

Nearly 15 years ago the Predators were on the verge of becoming the Hamilton (Ontario) Predators when a group of original season-ticket holders bought the franchise from Craig Leipold for $174 million and kept the team in Nashville.

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