Mets Pete Alonso hit by pitch Yu Darvish retaliate

Mets Pete Alonso hit by pitch Yu Darvish retaliate

Brandon Tierney said Wednesday that the Mets need to start retaliating if they continue to be hit by pitches more than any other team in the league.

Evan Roberts wants payback as well, but the kind he is looking for is no longer an option.

“I’m frustrated that there’s no good way to retaliate,” Evan said during Wednesday’s show. “This is not about the DH. It’s about the fact that when people say the Mets should retaliate, I understand it. but what does hitting Manny Machado do? It does nothing. I wanna drill Yu Darvish.

“Yu Darvish, who was excellent last night, did not walk a hitter and hit three Mets…who should you be made at if a guy gets drilled and may miss time? At the pitcher, right?”

That would have been an option for New York last year, but pitchers batting in the National League is a thing of the past, so if the Mets wanted to settle a score, they would run into the same problem that the American League has long dealt with, which is deciding which hitter would be the source of their retaliation.

Many times, teams go after the opponent’s star player. It was Nolan Arenado who had a high and tight fastball buzz by him earlier in the season, prompting the benches to clear between the Mets and Cardinals. But Evan said there is no real justice unless it’s the culprit who is getting plunked.

“To quote George Steinbrenner, who is no longer with us but he said this at the time back in the 90s a lot, the is the problem with the DH,” Evan said. “Hitting a Padre does what?

“I’m looking for tangible change…if [Darvish] got drilled, you don’t think it now goes into his head, ‘Boy, I’m not going inside again.’”

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