Lorenzo Insigne vs.  Hector Herrera: Who will have a bigger impact in MLS?

Lorenzo Insigne vs. Hector Herrera: Who will have a bigger impact in MLS?

Still, Coco Carrasquilla currently plays the more advanced central midfield role in Houston’s double pivot – and the Panamanian international is playing it very well. Carrasquilla is one of the best ball-carriers in all of MLS right now. Though they have similar attacking skill sets, using only one of Carrasquilla or Herrera at a time feels like a waste of talent.

Herrera could play alongside or slightly behind Carrasquilla in the double pivot, using his understanding of space and his ability to read the game to stymie opposing attacks. However, Nagamura may need to change Houston’s shape back to the 4-3-3, where those two players could both slot in as more advanced No. 8s in front of a defensive midfielder. Herrera knows that No. 8 role very well from his time with El Tri.

Regardless of how exactly Nagamura decides to use Herrera, the 32-year-old has the quality to impact games in Houston. Now, I do have some concerns about Herrera’s defensive mobility as he continues to age. His defensive actions per 90 (like tackles, pressures and interceptions) actually haven’t declined over the last few years with Atletico Madrid, which is a good sign. Still, Herrera hasn’t played more than 1,200 league minutes since 2018-19 when he was with Porto in the Primeira Liga in Portugal.

If Herrera has the kind of mobility that can help him dominate a midfield with and without the ball, the Dynamo’s ceiling is about to go way up. Even if he becomes more of a one-dimensional connector, he’ll raise Houston’s floor.

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