Liverpool FC - Darwin Nunez: I came to Liverpool to win trophies

Liverpool FC – Darwin Nunez: I came to Liverpool to win trophies

And of all of those players that you mentioned, they were top, top players when they arrived at Liverpool – but Jürgen Klopp made them even better. Is that something that fills you with excitement as well, the prospect to work with this great manager and his staff?

It’s great for any player that a manager can improve and polish you as a player, and I think that Klopp is going to help me hugely. I think the players themselves – like Firmino and the other experienced players – are going to help me greatly too. It will be great that Klopp can show me lots more things. I’m still only 22 and I’ve got lots that I can still learn and this is a brand new experience for me.

In terms of the timing of the move as well, it’s perfect, isn’t it? You get a short holiday now and then a full pre-season for you to get used to the ideas of Jürgen Klopp and his staff, and to get that full run-up with the team in pre-season also…

I’m going to be here for many years and this has only just started for me. I’ll now try to get some rest and relaxation with my family, and then after that start to integrate into the group in pre-season training. And from then on, start a very long career. I think it’s all going to be very good.

Just finally, English lessons will start soon but do you have a phrase, a bit of Scouse you’ve picked up in the first couple of days of being on Merseyside for the fans?

Like I was saying, my English is very bad. I’ve got to make sure I learn it quickly, without a doubt. I think it’s really important that a player can speak English because it helps you a lot in everything. But I have got one sentence, ‘Boss tha!’


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